Our Teacher Is In Need!

One of our outstanding teachers and parent of two,  had a tragic accident last week. As a result Ms. Natasha and her husband had a beautiful baby earlier than planed, however now they are doing bi-coastal visits to see their family. We would love to bring them together over this holiday session. Please read the story below from Ms. Natasha’s brother, and consider helping this family in need.

On November 30th, myself, Nadia, her heavily pregnant sister Natasha, and her husband Jason were involved in a terrible car crash in Oakland. After the accident, doctors felt that it was best to deliver Natasha’s baby via emergency c-section, only 5 hours after arriving from the airport for a small vacation.

As a result, baby Zane Taylor was born 12 weeks early. He was quickly transported to the children’s hospital where he remains in the NICU until he’s ready to go back home to Virginia.

This has resulted in Natasha and Jason unexpectedly now living in California, 2,800 miles away from home and family, for the next 2-3 months. They have a 3 year old daughter, Zarah, who they’ll need to go back and visit periodically also.

With huge medical bills, legal bills, accommodation, transport, out of work costs, air fare, food, etc., the costs are mounting fast and anything at this point will help alleviate a lot of stress and worry.

Natasha and Jason were totally thrown into this terrible event in a matter of seconds and their whole lives have done a complete 180.
Our bruises and pain are nothing compared to the confusion, heartbreak, stress and upset they are facing.

Please help Nadia and I make this life changing and traumatic experience a bit easier on baby Zane and his family.